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Sustainable and Healthy Fashion is our Goal

Here I am sharing the latest news about our brand development, about inspirations and of course about our values and goal to promote sustainable fashion and make happy not only us but also our planet.

It was my conscious choice to make our loungewear in the most sustainable way possible. Starting from organic cotton, use of the latest technologies making prints on the textile and finishing our famous fun box.

There are two reasons of this choice. First of all, I feel personal responsibility to make less harm to our planet and maybe even to improve it by spreading culture of responsible consumption. And secondly, thanks to the way organic cotton produced and to the printing technology used, we get very breathable and much healthier material. If you think about healthy food, why not to think about what your skin is wearing too?

And few words about our box. It is made of non-laminated paper which is fully recyclable, and we do not use plastic. Instead of plastic we use cellophane, which is a thin film generated from cellulose and fully biodegradable.

I realized that not many people aware about benefits of organic cotton and here I would like to bring some facts.

3 main reasons organic cotton is a sustainable choice:

  1. Combats climate change

Organic farmers use natural methods to grow cotton, not fossil-fuel based fertilizers. By working with nature, farmers build healthy soils which store carbon and help to combat climate change. Organic cotton emits up to 46% less greenhouse gas than non-organic.

  1. Eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides

Organic farmers use natural methods like crop rotation to control pests and diseases, not chemicals. Hazardous pesticides used in non-organic farming can damage ecosystems, poison waterways and endanger workers who can’t always afford safety equipment needed to protect them.

  1. Saves water

Organic cotton is better for water than conventionally produced cotton. Organic farming creates healthy soils, which act like a sponge, soaking up water during floods and holding it for longer in times of drought. Hazardous synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are banned in organic farming, so rivers, lakes and drinking water are kept cleaner too.

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