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About us

About Me and Happy Pijama

Hello, my name is Tatiana Anufrieva. After 20 years of experience in marketing and general management of International companies and being enriched with different culture experiences - living in Russia, USA, Netherlands and Belgium, I decided that it is the right time to implement my own dreams and ideas.

All my professional and personal life I got energy and happiness from people around the globe, art, design, fashion and technology. I also always wanted to create something that could combine all of that and would make people feel happier.

Lots of brands are trying to do that, you would say.

But not many think and offer fashion which would make us happier when we are at home and sleeping.

So, I thought, it would be great to have not just sleepwear, it would be great to have smilewear. The wear which would be good on my skin, but also would be good for the planet, that would make me smile and feel better at the moment of going to bed and when opening my eyes in the morning.

That is how the Happy Pijama idea was born.

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